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Welcome everyone to the on-line universe designed to feature not only the most influential and historic figures in the drill universe, but to be the home for those people and groups that have brought to the forefront the creative and intense world of military drill, both past and present. While those of us who live within this world assume everyone has seen or at least heard of military exhibition drill, we know this is not the case. However, over the past 20 years, both competition military drill as well as performance military drill have exploded in popularity. The military service exhibition drill teams, along with professional drill groups such as the King's Guard from Honolulu, Hawaii and New Guard America from Washington, DC, both ROTC and JROTC school-based competition drill teams, as well as thousands of individual solo and dual competitors continue to shine a huge spotlight on this exciting form of precision, high risk, high reward fancy military marching activity, both with rifles and without. It remains something that is growing in popularity with more and more drillers taking part daily!